Aderet is a Hebrew word for mantle, garment, robe, cloak, prophets garment, glory, splendor, or magnificence.  The Aderet of Eliyahu haNavi, the Prophet of YHWH, refers to his literal garment as well as the mantle of the Ruach haKodesh.  Each ones neshama (spirit) is given by YHWH, the garments we wear show our modesty and observance His Mitzvot (Commandments).  Our neshama provides strength for our nefesh (soul), our intellect, will and emotions are directed towards YHWH, to observe His Torah and follow in the halacha (way to walk) of Y'shua Mashiyach.

Zion pronounced (Tsee-own) is the dwelling place of YHWH which is manifest in the Mashiyach.  The earthly Jerusalem is home to Mt. Zion, which reminds us of the heavenly Jerusalem.  The seat of Mashiyach's government will soon be restored by YHWH,  Y'shua will return as Mashiyach Ben David to rule and reign over all the earth.  We invite haMashiyach in our neshama as our King.  Through the work of the Ruach haKodesh we observe His Ways which is observance of Torah (instruction in righteousness) to become transformed into the Image of Elohim.

Aderet Zion expresses our desire unto YHWH our Father according to haMashiyach, to live for Him.  As we grow together our foremost goal is apply the revelation of Mashiyach and Torah to our Hearts.  The Brit Chadasha compels us, draws us and motivates us to put on Y'shua and walk in newness of life in Him!  The Ruach haKodesh teaches us first through the natural world, then the spiritual.  The clothing that each of us wears also tells of our inward souls, it is not only for the women of YHWH that Torah admonishes to dress modestly, it is for men to make a distinction as men of YHWH.  We do not entertain the carnal flesh,  we do no retreat to Hellenism so as to be accepted by the world, our goal is Mashiyach.




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